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  • AsianSexDiary – Nga

    AsianSexDiary – Nga Dear Diary, I am a happy man after what happen this afternoon. Lan came with another Vietnamese girl. She’s an 18yo, fresh from Vietnam. She has only been in PP for a month! I loved her from the first moment I saw her. That cute face and of course, those BOOBS! Firstly,…

  • AsianSexDiary – Qele

    AsianSexDiary – Qele Dear Diary, Jojo kept her word and arrived at 1pm, with a marvellous girl named Qele in tow. She’s 19 years old but chubby with an innocent looking Bambi-face. She was all smiles right from the start. Jojo left fast enough after telling me that she had more girls but only for…

  • AsianSexDiary – Bernadeath Dear Diary, I took some time getting used to another hotel again and decided to go for a little walk in the afternoon. Nothing special happened at first until I saw a petite Filipina with big boobs walking around. I was not sure if she was a Pinay or what at first…

  • AsianSexDiary – Fafa

    AsianSexDiary – Fafa Dear Diary, So Guys, I arrived yesterday here in Changping and didn’t waste my time. Called the mamasan I used to visit last time and she said that she prefers to bring me a girl instead of me going to her barbershop. The stress is still very present here, even 1 year…